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Why Meditation Is ESSENTIAL These Days

Why Meditation Is ESSENTIAL These Days

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Why Meditation Is ESSENTIAL These Days

I’ve spent the better part of a decade in the natural health world now. Right from the start I read about meditation, but it was something that never resonated with me so I never tried it. I was one of those that said, “I can’t sit still!!” So I just never gave it a try.

Well now I know that a lot of that mentality was actually my ego talking! Although I have to admit that we only find certain things to try when we are actually ready to try it. But meditation is incredibly helpful for overall health and wellness. I would even have to say that it is an ESSENTIAL practice for everyone to follow these days.

We are living in a very intense time. The energy of the planet is shifting a lot and many people are feeling the mental and physical symptoms of it all. Many things are coming to light that we hidden for a long time, and the stress of this is creating chaos in the world.

BUT- no matter what we are dealing with in our own lives we have to realize that it is our own responsibility to create our own inner peace. We cannot control what goes on around us. We can only control how we REACT to what’s going on. So this is where meditation can be very helpful!

Health Benefits of Meditation

Many of us know the basics about why meditation is helpful: it can calm the mind, help with soothing anxiety, supports better moods, and can even help with sleep. But did you know that meditation is actually helpful for healing deep inner trauma? In order for us to truly heal and hear our inner voice, we need to be STILL and allow QUIET in our lives. Meditation can help us to get this stillness and quiet so that our bodies can take a break and start working on the healing that we’ve been ignoring.

When you start to integrate a meditation practice in your life, your entire life can change in amazing ways. You can gain clarity into difficult situations that have been troubling you. You might be given insight into your true life purpose. Energy levels can rise, sleep can improve, and this will lead you to better overall health and wellness. Meditation can also make it easier for us to manifest the reality that we want. Your inner self can finally find its voice, and this allows for you to actually hear it and listen!

I have been saying for a few years now that finding your own intuition is ESSENTIAL during the healing journey- so if you have been ignoring meditation like I used to, please give it a try.

This post has 141 reasons about why meditation is amazing so if you’re not convinced yet, check it out!

How to Meditate

So most of us probably conjure up the same image when you think of meditation: sitting in silence for an hour, not moving one bit. That is ONE way to meditate, sure! But it is not the only way. Like I mentioned above, in order for us to heal we just need to find moments of peace and stillness. This can come in many forms. You can use one or many of these ideas through your day- do what feels best for you. Try a few out and see what helps you the most!

Ways to meditate:

  • A few deep breaths when you are feeling overwhelmed. Use this time to center yourself
  • Resting your eyes
  • Listening to music
  • Being present with ANYTHING you do and staying focused (try to get out of autopilot!)
  • Journaling
  • Coloring
  • Prayer
  • Visualization- this can be anything from picturing a happy memory, imagining an outcome that you want to occur, or even something like creating a light shield around yourself or imagining that you are grounded to the earth
  • Laughing
  • Taking a walk in nature
  • Repeating mantras that help you to stay calm, focused, or happy
  • Creating art
  • Listen to guided meditations
  • Listen to frequency healing music
  • It’s not JUST sitting in silence for an hour at a time!

My Favorite Meditations

When I finally started meditating, I was lucky enough to have found AskAngels.com since I had been looking into angel numbers quite a bit. Melanie has a very calm and soothing energy about her so I decided to follow her YouTube channel. She has a TON of guided meditations! Check out her playlists here to find 5 minute meditations, angel meditations, relaxing meditations, and so much more! She also has a few courses– I signed up for one and it came with a ton of other meditations.

I also recently wrote about frequency healing benefits and put my own playlist of music in this post.

So give it a go! Try to find what works best for you. And please remember that being authentic matters the most in your healing journey. If you are pushing yourself to do things you hate, then that is not going to help. So do your best to truly find what gives you joy and peace. Love you all!

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