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The White Light Stone

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Selenite- The White Light Stone

Selenite is one of the most unique crystals as it’s one of the few that is self cleansing. This means that it does not absorb any negative energy, and it can clear negative energy from the people that wear it, other crystals, and the area that you put it in. Selenite is the embodiment of pure white light- recharging, cleansing, and bringing positive energy are its main jobs. It’s an essential stone to have if you are a crystal lover!

Keep your other crystals on a piece of selenite to cleanse and recharge them. Most do this once a month at the full moon, or after each time that you use a specific stone. I usually keep my daily pendants and bracelets on selenite each night as I sleep so they can cleanse and recharge.

Selenite Properties

  • The best stone for overall cleansing and purification
  • Supports the crown and third eye chakras best
  • Goes great with black tourmaline for overall physical and energetic body support
  • Amazing for use during meditation, especially if you place it over your third eye
  • Can help with getting better sleep as it will keep your energy field calm and free of negative energy
  • Can help Gemini and Cancers the most
  • Supports our etheric chakra (not a physical chakra)

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