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The Third Eye Stone

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Lapis Lazuli: Enhance your Intuition

Lapis is a very popular stone, and with good reason!  Lapis Lazuli has been around since at least 4000BC, and was a VERY sought after stone in Egypt, especially with the Pharaohs.  It was often used for jewelry and also ground up into power to use for make-up, dyes, and even medicine!

Lapis Lazuli stones can help with:

  • Bringing more success into your life with business and careers
  • Activating your wisdom and intellect by stimulating the desire for truth, knowledge, and learning, AND it can help with memory improvement as well
  • Can help with stage fright or performance anxiety
  • Blue stones are very helpful for helping the throat chakra and entire area
  • Can help with getting a better night of sleep
  • Well known for helping women with hormonal issues and menstrual cramps
  • Can help with circulation, inflammation, and general pain
  • Said to help with issues in the ear and nasal passages, reduces vertigo, and can lower blood pressure
  • Lapis is known as a crystal of truth- it can reveal your inner truth which helps you to find your own authentic truth and leads you to become more self-aware
  • Lapis can activate the Third Eye as well! So it can aid in enhancing your own intuitive and physic powers.

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