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The Stone of Vision

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Unakite- The Stone of Vision

Unakite is really cool looking stone that supports many different issues. It’s one of the best stones to help with identifiying and removing energetic blockages that are preventing you from moving forward in life. It’s also incredibly helpful for supporting healing from any past life or generational issues that you could be holding onto. This is an important part of healing for many people currently- so many of us have been tasked with healing generations of trauma! Meditate with unakite to help find your blocks and to find the answers you need to finally heal.

Unakite properties

  • Supports healing of emotional trauma- whether it is your own trauma or generational
  • Can help with supporting women to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • Supports the heart chakra best- since green and pink are both associated with the heart chakra you can get the energy of both in this specific crystals!
  • Can bring calm and peace to your life, and can help to increase your patience level
  • Supports you in your personal healing journey in whatever way you need it
  • Helps with anything heart chakra related- bringing you more love, healing your current relationships, can support you during grief, etc

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