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The Snow Stone

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Howlite- The Snow Stone

Howlite is a beautiful white stone that gives off a peaceful energy, like a gorgeous snowy day filled with beauty and silence. Howlite’s main purpose is to help with inner peace and patience. It is a very helpful stone for those needing support with stress management. Howlite is often used to make other crystals, especially fake turquoise. The white color is the natural form though and the one that you will find the most benefit with.

Howlite Benefits:

  • Benefits emotional healing
  • Supports the root and crown chakras (an interesting combo since these are the top and bottom physical chakras- so in a way, howlite can help with balancing the whole body; you can connect easily with Earth and your higher self at once- a connection that can be hard to obtain)
  • Helps to release stored emotions and can help with reducing the negative effects of stress
  • Increases feelings of calm and peace
  • Can aid those working on healing from trauma of any kind (emotional, physical, PTSD, grief, etc)
  • Works on our inner strength and balance
  • Helps us to slow down- our world and lives are so hectic and we all need to work on slowing down more

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