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The Self Growth Stone

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Lepidolite- The Self Growth Stone

I know it seems like I say that every crystal is my favorite, but I swear that lepidolite truly is one of my faves! I love the gorgeous purple stone, and I find it to be incredibly calming. I keep lepidolite near my bed at night to help with sleep and I meditate with a piece on my third eye to help with deeper meditation and focus.

Lepidolite is best known for helping with anxiety, panic, and similar issues because it is contains lithium (a mineral that is often used in prescription form for anxiety). Wearing lepidolite can help with these same issues (but as always, be aware that this doesn’t replace medical care). If you’re looking for a bit of peace that will also support you in your self growth journey, lepidolite is for you.

Lepidolite Properties:

  • very high in natural lithium which is used for issues like anxiety and panic
  • supports a healthy nervous system
  • can bring peace and tranquility to those that use it, especially for those dealing with massive amounts of stress
  • helps you to become more aware of your body and supports better intuitive abilities
  • can help with sleep and relaxation- you can meditate with a lepidolite at night to calm down even more, and you can keep it next to your bed or pillow to help support better sleep, clearer dreams, dream recall, and more peace at night
  • Supports the third eye and crown chakras most, but it does help to balance and align all chakras
  • Great for any astrological sign, but can especially help Libra and Pisces

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