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The Protection Stone

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Black Onyx The Protection Stone

Black oynx is one of the main crystals (along with shungite and black tourmaline) that are amazing for overall protection. Black oynx helps with absorbing negative energy and protecting oneself from being drained from negative energies. It is an amazing stone for empaths especially if you are heading into an area with a lot of people around- it can help to give you a protective bubble so you’re not overwhelmed by everyone else’s energy.

Black Oynx Benefits:

  • Protect oneself from negative energy
  • Protection from EMFs and electronics
  • Helps with achieving your goals, stimulates the mind
  • Grounding stone- it can help with calming the mind and bringing stability to our body
  • Increases confidence in oneself
  • Supports you through new beginnings and helps to make risk taking easier
  • Brings positivity and optimism to the wearer
  • Transmutes negative energies into more positive ones
  • Supports your journey in becoming your true authentic self
  • A great stone for Leos
  • Supports the third eye, plexus, and root chakras

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