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The Magic Stone

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Labradorite- The Magic Stone

Labradorite is a really special crystal. It is one of the most unique ones you’ll ever see, and you truly have to see it to understand its uniqueness. Labradorite is best at balancing all of our chakras at once and to realize our true purpose and our full potential. This gorgeous stone helps to unlock our intuitive abilities, enhances psychic abilities, and can bring peace and calm.

Labradorite Properties

  • balances all physical chakras, but it is absolutely amazing for the throat chakra
  • helps us to connect better with nature
  • can bring us peace and calm
  • helps to increase creativity
  • unlocks your inner magician- it can really transform your life! Labradorite supports easier manifestation and can help bring you the answers
  • you’ve been desperately searching for (especially in meditation)
  • supports your inner light- helps you to love yourself more and stand up for yourself in negative situations (speak your truth!)

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