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The Energy Purifier Stone

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Optical Calcite- The Energy Purifier

Optical or clear calcite is one of the most powerful stones you will find for energy purification. This particular calcite is found in cube form, which makes it even easier for the energy to be concentrated. If you feel stuck at all in your life then optical calcite can help to push you out of your comfort zone so you can move forward with your dreams and desires.

Some say that optical calcite is so powerful that one piece can clear an entire room of negative energy!

I tried to get some good photos where you can see the iridescence! They are truly so gorgeous and have such a great energy about them.

Optical Calcite Properties:

  • supports all chakra by clearing and energizing them
  • supports the third eye chakra by helping with intuition and psychic abilities
  • helps to release self-limiting beliefs and old thought patterns
  • helps the body to release old stagnant energy
  • clears negative energy from the room it is in as well as your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies
  • perfect for use in meditation to access higher consciousness and helps us remember our soul purpose
  • can help with calming the mind
  • supports better discernment and helps us to see the real truth in situations
  • can support the bones, skin, immune system, and even eye issues

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