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The Emotion Balancing Stone

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Blue Chalcedony- The Emotion Balancer

When I first saw this particular pendant, it gave me fairy/Lord of the Rings type vibes and I knew I needed to get some for the shop! This pendant is so dreamy, and like most blue crystals it has such a soothing energy. Chalcedony is best known for bringing emotional balance to those that need it. It can help to bring you more peace, it can help to make you feel more grateful, and it can help to dissipate anger and sadness

Blue Chalcedony Properties

  • balances the throat chakra, third eye, and heart
  • amazing for emotional balancing
  • can support better sleep, more dream recall, and bring you better dreams
  • helps to brings happiness to you!
  • can support better mineral assimilation
  • amazing for mental function (known to help dementia)
  • an amazing stone for all stages of healing- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  • connects you to your higher self and enhances intuition

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