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The Ancient Protection Stone

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Black Tourmaline- The Ancient Protection Stone

Black tourmaline was an incredibly popular stone ever since ancient times. It has gained a lot of popularity again recently because of its amazing ability to clear negative energy and to support grounding, even for those that struggle a lot with these issues. Black tourmaline is one of the most effective stones for tramsuting negative emotions like anxiety and anger- it takes away the bad and purifies it into good energy.

Black Tourmaline Properties

  • AMAZING for support with grounding
  • Root Chakra Healing
  • Can help with anger, anxiety, or other negative emotions
  • One of the best stones for EMF protection as it can block EMFs
  • Since it supports grounding, it can help with supporting more effective detox in the body (once we are more grounded it is easier to heal in general- if you feel like you are having an increase in detox symptoms when using black tourmaline you might need to slowly increase how often you wear it)
  • It can help with blocking negative people in your life like toxic co-workers or people that just keep coming back in your life
  • Perfect for everyone, but especially good for Capricorn sun signs

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