Heart Chakra Healing Bracelet


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This listing is for 1 Heart Chakra Healing Bracelet (6mm beads)


Heart Chakra Healing Bracelet

Signs your heart chakra needs some support:

  • you’re currently going through a breakup, or you are ready to call in your one true love
  • you’re going through a hard time with grief
  • you struggle with self love and keeping healthy boundaries for yourself
  • physical symptoms include heart, lung, and blood pressure issues, upper back or shoulder pain, and asthma


Heart Chakra Healing Bracelet has Rose Quartz, Garnet, and Strawberry Quartz.

  • Rose Quartz is the original love stone and is the most common crystal for heart chakra healing. Rose quartz can help with increasing self worth and self love, and it’s great for empaths as it helps to increase empathy for others while also creating better boundaries for oneself.
  • Garnet is most associated with endurance, strength, and success as well as overall vitality. Garnet is a perfect stone for increasing love in your life and its fiery energy helps to support a healthy libido!
  • Strawberry quartz is a very cool grounding stone that works most on your heart chakra (but actually works on all chakra systems!). This pink stone is a perfect support for anyone that needs emotional healing, especially from long term traumas.


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