Flower Agate Moon


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This listing is for 1 Flower Agate Moon (around 1.9”to 2.4”)

Flower Agate- the Flower Stone


Flower Agate is a very gorgeous crystal that comes is so many amazing patterns. This crystal is perfect if you’re currently on a massive healing journey trying to find who you truly are, and what you truly want in life.



Flower Agate Benefits

  • Supports both the root and heart chakras best
  • Can help with releasing stored emotions and old traumas
  • If you use it during meditation you can tune into your body and see what emotional issues need to be addressed
  • Helps with anxiety issues
  • Amazing for people on a self-discovery journey
  • Brings peace and calm
  • Represents your own blossoming in the healing journey
  • Can help with new business endeavors


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