Empath Self-Care and Gratitude Journal


Take care of your mental health and empath overload with this daily routine.


Empath Self-Care and Gratitude Journal

My intention for making this journal was to help you figure out what helps you as an individual. What triggers you, what helps you to relax, where do you need to make adjustments in your life. Use this space to reflect on your life as well as your day to day experiences.

You can print out the pages that resonate most with you and use them daily. It’s easier to get caught up in the busy-ness of life so doing this type of inner work and reflection often falls to the back burner.

I wanted to make something that was simple but impactful to help you in your healing journey.

This journal includes:

  • Information about being an empath, how to recognize if you are an empath, and how to support and protect your energy
  • Self-Care Journal
  • Brain Dump Section
  • Self Love Section
  • Vision Board
  • Monthly Focus
  • Empath Affirmations
  • Energy Protection Ideas


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