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Popular Bath Ritual Ideas

Popular Bath Ritual Ideas

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Baths are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of self care. As more people start to understand the importance of slowing down and relaxing (without guilt!), we’re learning more about what can be used in baths to help with our health. There are so many popular bath ritual ideas and I’m excited to talk a bit about them.

First things first though: what IS a bath ritual?? It’s pretty much just a bath routine that you create for spiritual purposes. Some use bath rituals to help with detox, attracting abundance, healing emotional trauma, or even just plain stress relief. Some even use these rituals based on the lunar cycle! No matter what you are going through, there is a bath ritual that can help you through it.

If you’ve been a follower of Sassy Holistics for a while you likely already know that I love baths for healing. Mineral baths are an especially helpful way to help with health and wellness. So ritual baths are always amazing ways to work in extra healing! Plus, using any of these ritual baths can help you with multiple issues at once if you’re using herbs, crystals, and mineral salts.

The Most Popular Ritual Bath Ideas

Did you know that water is actually one of the BEST ways to clear your energy? If you are an empath or sensitive type then you might already know that you absorb energy from other people and situations. We need ALL the help we can get to clear this energy away- water is one of most helpful ways to get this relief. Showers are awesome of course, but baths are even more healing since we can add so many items to them!

So what makes a bath a “ritual” instead of just a regular bath? It’s just the intention behind it. Just like setting your intention with a new crystal, you can set your intention with a bath as well. Do you want to wash away negative energy? Attract love or financial abundance? There are specific herbs and crystals that can help with these intentions!

Herbs and Flowers for Baths

This is one of the most popular ways to make a ritual bath and it’s a favorite of mine. You can absolutely just add the herbs directly to your water but if this creates too much clean up for you you can also put the herbs in a large tea bag or even brew the tea on the stove first to add to your bath water. All of these options are great! Do what feels easiest for you.

  • Rose petals can help with attracting love, healing the heart chakra, and relaxing the body in general.
  • Chamomile is of course one of the best herbs to add for a nice relaxing bath that can help with getting a better night of sleep.
  • Lavender is another popular one for ridding the body of negative energy, getting better sleep, and to calm down after a stressful day.
  • Sage is a popular herb for cleansing and purifying, so it a very helpful herb to use in baths.
  • Rosemary is a great herb to use for skin healing as well as clearing negative energy. Rosemary and lavender together are especially powerful.
  • Peppermint is another cleansing herb that can actually help with attracting financial abundance!
  • Earthley has a Detox Bath blend that is perfect for this type of bath. You just brew the herbs on the stove for a bit, strain them, and add the liquid to your bath directly.

Crystals for Baths

Crystals are also amazing to use with your ritual baths. Please be aware though that some crystals CANNOT get wet! Always be sure to look up this information before using crystals by or in your bath tub. I personally would only keep the crystals around the tub and set your intention with them as you place them. Amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz are the most popular stones to use for bath time. These can help with creating a positive energy around you as well as repelling any negative energy. Shop for tumbled stones here!

Minerals for Baths

And of course, you can also add some mineral salts in as well! I know some people do love to mix herbs and mineral salts for their baths, but for the first few times I would try just one or the other to see how you feel with them. Since many herbs can be calming and relaxing, it can be a bit TOO calming if you’re also adding mineral salts. You don’t want to get too sleepy or lethargic in the tub. I love Dead Sea Salts and unrefined sea salts for baths, but you can also use magnesium oil/flakes or Epsom salts. Sea salt itself is a powerful energy cleanser as well! You can read my whole post on mineral baths here!

Intention is Everything

Like I mentioned above, the main thing that makes a bath a ritual is the intention. When we set intentions we have a clearer focus on our goals in life, and it helps to communicate clearly to the universe what our desires are. So the next time you take a bath just ask yourself what your intention is and it will help you to achieve that goal.

Check this site out for specific bath recipes! And this site has a great recipe for making a big batch of herbs for a purification bath.

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