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HUGE Trick for Manifesting

One HUGE Trick for Manifesting your Dreams

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One HUGE Trick for Manifesting your Dreams

I came across manifestation and the law of attraction several years ago and have learned a LOT about it all since then. I absolutely 100% believe that we can all manifest our dreams and desires. And I do truly believe that abundance, peace, love, and happiness is our birthright! Everyone has that one HUGE trick for manifesting your dreams but I honestly think my tip is the most accurate (and I’ll go over why!).

However I think that for some people that there is a bit more to it than working towards your dreams. Many people right now are undoing generations worth of trauma- so doing this inner work is essential before we can see our life get to where we want to be. Because ultimately this work isn’t just for us- it’s for our kids, their kids, and all of the future generation.

So what is the ONE huge trick for manifesting your dreams?

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Mind, body, and soul. You have to put in the work to heal yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually if you want to truly see your dreams come to life. While I do believe that the universe is always supporting us no matter what, I really do think that we need to put effort into our own lives to see the big changes that we desire. When we can show that we are actually taking the time and effort into OURSELVES then we can see our dreams come true.

“Inspired action” is a word I’ve seen a lot when it comes to manifestation and I think it’s the most accurate way to look at everything. It is not enough to just journal, say affirmations, and meditate- you have to make changes in your life to get to your goals. YOU are worth the effort- and I think that is why it can be difficult for some people to manifest what they actually want. If you have issues with loving yourself or taking care of yourself then it can be hard work to start realizing that you are worth it!

As we heal ourselves, our vibration naturally raises and this is when the really good manifestations can start coming in. Things like fast food, alcohol in excess, toxic relationships, working at a job you hate, toxic chemicals in beauty products, etc are all things that keep our vibration low.

Raise your Vibration by Taking Care of Yourself!

You might have seen the phrase “raise your vibration” a lot if you’ve looked into manifestation and it is a crucial part of manifesting what you want. The BEST way to raise your vibration is to be your true authentic self. For many people this can actually be a hard task! We live in a world where you are praised for fitting in and going along with everyone else. Many of us have no idea who we truly are as a person. Learning who you actually are is crucial in the healing process, and it will help to support you in manifesting your dreams.

A quote I remember seeing a long time ago (but I’m not sure where it’s from) is: “Confront the dragon and get the gold.” You have to DO THE WORK to achieve your dreams. There is no getting around it.

Important steps to take to raise your vibration:

  • Eat a diet that makes sense to YOU. Eat the way that makes you feel best (not what all of the “gurus” tell you to eat). Pay attention to what makes you feel strong and healthy.
  • Cut the junk food! I am not a believer in any specific diet other than eating a diet full of REAL food. This doesn’t mean calorie counting or deprivation either. You can still enjoy the foods you love- you just have to find cleaner versions or learn to make it yourself.
  • Find what makes you happy. Whether it’s a hobby or a career, find ways to do what you actually LOVE to do. If you’re in a job that makes you miserable find a way to cope OR leave! Many people that work on manifestation end up finding their life purpose which tends to be the perfect way to make a career doing what you love.
  • Assess your relationships. Do you have energy vampires in your everyday life? Are people using you? It’s worth a bit of thinking to assess the people you are around every day.
  • Meditate! This is one of the best ways to tune into your inner self. Meditation can help to clear negative energy and raise your vibration. Read my post on meditation here (there are many ways to meditate!).
  • Stop the mindless social media scrolling. You don’t have to delete all of your apps and give it up completely. Use social media mindfully. Check the pages you love and work on reducing any arguing you are doing!
  • Work on underlying emotional trauma. Whether it your trauma or even ancestral trauma, this can keep us stuck in a negative vibration which can block manifestations. Read my post on healing emotional trauma here for ideas.
  • Use Reiki! I absolutely love Reiki for healing and it’s an easy way to help you on your healing journey. Check out my favorite Reiki healer here.
  • Set boundaries in your life and don’t feel guilty about it. Stop pushing yourself to exhaustion everyday trying to make everyone else happy. Again, it’s about taking care of yourself first!
  • Practice gratitude. Think about the things in your life that you are truly grateful for. The more positively you think, the more good you will attract.
  • Use affirmations to help with retraining your brain into thinking more positively. A positive mindset is essential for manifesting, but please know that you are allowed to feel your emotions as they come up. Allow yourself to experience the emotion and then work on letting it pass.
  • Heal yourself physically. Most of us grew up eating toxic food and have been accumulating massive amounts of toxins. As you heal your body, you shed these toxins and your body naturally comes into a higher vibration. Check out our HTMA program to get started on this!
  • Be conscious of the music you listen to, the TV/movies you watch, and the books you read. Are you watching a lot of violent shows or movies? Does the music you listen to talk about violence and drugs? This stuff MATTERS! A lot of the things we see in pop culture is actually designed to keep us in a low vibration. I realized this a lot for myself when I started listening to a band that is very high vibration– none of their music talks about drugs, sex, or violence which is super rare these days! I felt such a huge shift in myself when I stopped listening to depressing music.
  • Your home is an extension of your energy. Do your best to keep it tidy and decorated in a way that makes you happy.
  • Work on your relationship with money. Many people use manifestation to get themselves out of debt and into a more comfortable lifestyle. MANY people have money blocks that they need to work through. Were you struggling a lot in your life at one point and have a scarcity mindset? Do you think people with money are evil? Ask yourself how you truly feel about money to find your blocks. It is our birthright to have enough money to live comfortably- the more you have, the more you can give too.
  • And finally- crystals! Crystals have been one of my biggest helpers for shifting toxic thoughts, removing blocks, and helping me to realize what work I need to do for myself. Check out my shop here!

Ways to Manifest your Dreams

As your vibration rises, you will naturally start to attract better things in your life. It is THAT easy. There really isn’t anything fancy that you have to do but there are a few things that can help you to focus more on your dreams.

  • Ask yourself questions: Do you know what you truly want in life? Do you have an idea of what you wish your life could be but aren’t sure how to get there?
  • Journal! Write out your thoughts, dreams, and what you feel is blocking you. This can help you to put your thoughts together in one place which will make it easier to figure out what you want and how to get it.
  • Use manifestation meditations. Ask Angels has a great great ones for manifestion.
  • Crystals for manifestation include fluorite (it’s basically a wishing stone!), green aventurine, clear quartz, and amazonite. Check some out here. Crystals that can help you with emotional blocks are malachite, amethyst, moonstone, and rose quartz.
  • Keep focused. Once you realized what you want, remind yourself of what it is everyday. Make a vision board, keep photos of what you are manifesting as your phone or computer background, or find something else that helps keep you focused.
  • Realize that divine timing is real. Somethings can show up quickly for many people, but the really big changes will take time. BUT the moment that you announce what you want it is created in the spiritual world- you just have to have patience to see it manifest into the physical.
  • Try not to be desperate. I know- how can you remind yourself of your dreams daily but not seem desperate? I believe it comes back to authenticity. Allow yourself to feel frustrated if things aren’t going as quickly as you’d like but then regroup and remind yourself that it is on the way. Begging the Universe to work faster is not going to make it work faster.
  • Visualize what you want clearly. Are you manifesting a new home or a car? Picture yourself buying it and using it! Or write exactly what you want- if you’re looking for a home for example be specific: “3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 acre of land”, etc. Don’t hold back on specifics!

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