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My Favorite Pages to Follow for Spiritual Growth

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The MOST Helpful Pages to Follow for Spiritual Growth

This year has been a HUGE transformational year for me. I have had nothing but test after test because FINALLY the Universe was like, “enough, you need to break out of these stupid habits and mindsets!” While it’s been a trying year, I am SO grateful for it because it has finally helped me get over the misery that was my past.

The BIGGEST helper for me has been the multitude of pages that I follow on social media and some websites that have been constantly making updates on energy shifts. It helped me to learn how to ride the energy shifts and how to use them for my advantage. It also helped me realize that I did still need to work on my emotional traumas that I have been carrying since childhood. While I was saying I was “fine” for many years, I never realized that there is so much more to healing than “mind over matter”. You do have to actually HEAL that pain.

Anyway, I really wanted to put together a post to help others that might be on this same journey as I am. These pages have been BEYOND helpful. Some are astrology related, some are health related, but you can take what you find to be beneficial and go from there. With all of these topics, you have to just go with what resonates with YOU. Use your own innate intuition!

Spiritual Healing Pages and Energy Shift Updates

Alex Myles

Alex posts the BEST graphics for energy shifts. They have so much information on them, and they are probably my favorite helpers overall.

Check her out on the following pages:

Elizabeth Peru

I absolutely LOVE Elizabeth Peru. Her Facebook page is the best place to follow for her updates. She always goes more in-depth on FB versus other platforms. I have been following her page for several years now and any time I would feel “off” I would check her page, and sure enough there was something going on in the world of energy shifts!

Other pages that I love:

  • Healing Energy Tools– they post daily angel message updates.
  • Sparks of Divine Light Healing
  • Leah Whitehorse: Lua Astrology– I LOVE THIS PAGE. I can’t say that enough. Leah posts amazingly insightful daily breakdowns of the current energy and she pairs them with gorgeous paintings that are relevant to the topic.
  • The Ace of Moon– she posts 3 times a day every day with the current energy updates. She includes symptoms that you could be experiencing because of the shifts which is BEYOND helpful.
  • Alyonna Divine Healing– Alyonna’s page is the BEST for lightworkers. I cannot recommend her page enough for uplifting and helpful content.

Manifestation Help

Manifestation Babe on Instagram has the BEST affirmations and helpful posts on how to finally recognize your worth. She is incredibly inspiring, and truly wants to help people discover how powerful they truly are.

Emotional Healing

Beth Bridges FB page is another that I highly recommend. Beth’s main mission is to help with getting women to slow down- stop pushing ourselves, start being our authentic selves, and start taking better care of ourselves!

The Holistic Psychologist on Instagram will give you so many AH-HA moments. She is absolutely beyond incredible when it comes to talking about defense mechanisms from abuse and trauma. She posts SO MUCH about how to do the inner work that people so desperately need right now.

Toko-pa Turner was recently recommend to me, and I am SO glad I started following her page. She posts quite a bit about the mother wound and other topics in psychology.

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