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All About The SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra- Your Self-Worth Center

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All About The SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra- Your Self-Worth Center

  • Location: Upper Abdomen
  • Main focus: Self-worth, Self-confidence, Self-esteem
  • Main Color: Yellow.

The solar plexus chakra is one area that can hold a LOT of stress. When we are dealing with stress in our lives this can directly effect our gut both physically and emotionally. When the solar plexus chakra is balanced we have amazing digestion, our detox system is working well, our brain is clear, and we have an amazing outlook on life.

This chakra is most associated with self-esteem and our own individual power. If you struggle with being assertive or standing up for yourself, or you are a people-pleaser then you likely have an imbalance with this chakra. Also, if you struggle to lose weight, have any issues with your gut or liver, and find it hard to make headway in your healing journey then this chakra needs some attention.

Common symptoms of an imbalanced solar plexus chakra:

  • Gut issues- digestive problems, bloating, nutrient imbalances, parasites, food intolerances
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Pancreas issues
  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • chronic fatigue
  • anger
  • problems with focusing on tasks
  • being too hard on yourself
  • low self worth, low confidence
  • low willpower
  • feeling the need to control others or situations

Supporting the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Crystals: Citrine, Golden Tiger’s Eye, Pyrite, Golden Calcite
  • Foods: Warming spices like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric. Yellow foods like pineapple, lemons, peppers, bananas. Nourishing grains like oats, rice, and spelt (if tolerated). Beans are great as well.
  • Actions: Work on healing your entire digestive system. Cut out processed foods and replace with nutrient dense foods. Support your liver. Be present in the moment and assess when you are acting due to low self-esteem or low assertiveness. Cut toxic people out of your life. Stop accepting less than what you deserve. Enjoy the sunshine more. Break out of the victim mentality. Laugh more. Breathe better. Yoga and meditation.

Crystals for the Solar Plexus Chakra

Carnelian is my personal favorite for this chakra! Whenever I feel my gut is struggling I wear my carnelian bracelet.

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