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All About the Crown Chakra-Your Spiritual Connection Center

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All About the Crown Chakra-Your Spiritual Connection Center

The Crown Chakra

  • Location: Top of Head
  • Main Focus: Inner and Outer Beauty, Spiritual Connection
  • Main colors: Violet or White

The crown chakra is our main connection to the divine. When our crown chakra is open and balanced, we are connected to our higher self which makes it easier to fully use our intuition and wisdom. We have a sense of wholeness and belonging in the universe, and we are at peace with life.

The crown chakra is a very interesting one to me because of its connection to body and spirit. Since working on my own healing and working with different crystals (especially angelite and moonstone) I have been able to strengthen my connection to God and my own guides. This is something that many people do need work on, but I know that we all have our own timelines for getting there.

Common symptoms of an imbalanced Crown Chakra

  • stubbornness
  • fear of being alone
  • anxiety
  • memory issues, brain fog
  • sleep problems
  • apathy or a struggle to be empathetic
  • nightmares
  • feeling bored with life as a whole
  • disconnection from self and others
  • depression
  • obsessed with labeling yourself and others
  • greediness
  • unsure of your purpose or calling
  • mental illness (of course, this is a hard one to really talk about but it’s always worth exploring)
  • If you wonder about whether we are connected to something bigger than ourselves then work on your crown! Interesting thing though- apparently our crown chakra isn’t fully developed until we’re in our 40s! (source)

Supporting the Crown Chakra

  • Crystals: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Ametrine, Sugilite, Moonstone, Howlite
  • Food: lavender, holy basil; there aren’t many foods for crown as the most important things are sunshine, water, and being in nature
  • Actions: MEDITATION is the biggest helper and the most crucial for crown chakra healing. Work on shifting your mindset. Learn more, question things, get different perspectives. Energy work like Reiki. Pray. Pay attention to synchronicities (like repeating numbers, animals that show up in your life, feathers, etc). Find what spirituality means to YOU as an individual (there isn’t one set of rules to follow).

Crystals for the Crown Chakra

If I could pick ONE crystal for the crown, it would be moonstone. Moonstone can actually help with balancing all of our chakras which makes it a unique and powerful stone. Amethyst and clear quartz are also incredible for this specific chakra. White, clear, and purple crystals are usually the best.

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