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About Us

About Sassy Moonchild Crystals

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with crystals. Back then, there wasn’t a lot of information about them and I wasn’t “allowed” to collect them ( I wasn’t allowed to do much as a kid though!). I remember being 12/13 years old and I went on vacation with a friend- we found a cute little store with a ton of crystals and we picked out a nice little bag full. I know at the time I was obsessed with rose quartz!

It took a long time for me to make my way back to crystals. I didn’t get my own pieces again until I was around 29, and since then I have been learning SO much. I wish I had found them earlier because they’ve made such an amazing impact on my life.

Eventually I decided to open my own crystal shop! One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to start my own shop was to help others learn more about how to properly pick crystals for themselves.  A lot of the shops I’ve been too (both in person and online) have such basic info on what the crystals are helpful for. To me, that wasn’t enough! I LOVE learning and I need to know as much as I can about a crystal. The truth is that many crystals have AMAZING qualities, and I rarely see any of these shops talking about them.

A big goal with this shop is to help educate more people on why crystals are more than just pretty rocks.

Crystals have been used for MANY thousands of years for holistic healing purposes. Crystals are MINERALS, and using them can help with a plethora of issues. Whether you are looking to heal emotional traumas, attract more love or abundance, or just want to protect yourself from negative energy, there is a crystal for you.

Kristin Merizalde

Founder of Sassy Moonchild Crystals