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What is an Empath?

A few years ago, I met a client that changed my life! She was the first person to tell me about empaths and what exactly they were. She is also an empath, and (as I know now), it’s so easy to spot them when you’re one yourself!

I was so excited to learn what this meant because it gave me such clarity on why I was the way I was. I’m always been very empathetic, even as a young child. I was obsessed with animals, I could feel the emotions of someone else if I was around them, and I would feel so bad for people (even for seemingly silly reasons- like if I won a game I’d feel so sorry that the other person lost!).

Over the last year or so I have learned even more about being empathic and I have also started to learn more about how to use my own intuition. Empaths tend to have heightened senses, especially with being more intuitive than most other people.

Signs you are an empath:

  1. People ALWAYS come to you to unload their problems, whether they are friends, family, or even strangers
  2. You can feel the emotions of others when you’re speaking to them (even through text or on the phone)
  3. Large crowds make you very nervous (because there is a lot of different energy there- it gets so overwhelming)
  4. You can sense the mood of a room as soon as you walk in
  5. You can tell when someone is lying to you
  6. Sometimes you can sense something is going to happen, or you think of a person and they contact you later that day
  7. The moon and planetary retrogrades influence your energy levels and mood
  8. You have a HUGE bond with animals (and maybe even prefer them to people)
  9. You’ve always had a drive to help others, and you might have ended up in a career like health care or counseling
  10. You’re usually very emotional- mood swings, crying easily, and feeling very deeply are all very big signs of being an empath
  11. It’s hard for you to make boundaries. Since people are so drawn to you, you want to help all of them. This can lead to people using you quite a bit too if you’re not aware of what is going on.
  12. If you’ve deal with physical, emotional, or sexual abuse and trauma before you might become even more hypersensitive to emotions. You might choose to be more of an introvert, find it hard to connect with others, or even struggle in relationships.

Benefits of Being an Empath

Sometimes it can be hard to cope with being an empath, but once you understand what it means, you can learn how to protect your energy. There are MANY benefits to being an empath!

  • Using your intuition becomes second nature and you can start making even better decisions for yourself.
  • You become more in tune with yourself- your intuition, your personality, and your needs/wants.
  • Once you learn how to protect your energy, you will find the drive to truly help even more people.
  • Sensing how others are feeling can help you so much in your personal relationships.
  • Knowing when people are lying or even withholding information is also helpful- you start trusting yourself more so you can be more confident with confronting people.
  • It is easier to attract abundance, positivity, and good things in general.

How to Protect Your Energy as an Empath

This can be a hard one! Until you’re aware that people or situations are robbing you of happiness or giving you bad energy, it’s truly difficult to get out of bad situations. But once you’re aware

  • Use Crystals- amethyst, rose quartz, and rainbow angel aura quart are just a few of the best crystals for empaths. Check out our shop here for the BEST crystals for empaths!
  • Energy Healing like Reiki, acupunture, homeopathy, and other modalities can be SUPER helpful to keep your own energy stable. They can also help to release negative energy that you’ve been accumulating.
  • Sage or use other herbs to cleanse with smoke in your home or workplace as well.
  • Read this book for tons of more information: The Empath Experience
  • Learn your triggers and start to avoid them OR practice ways to make them less trigger. Ask yourself why it triggers you, what feelings you get, and it can help you to determine if you need to avoid or just respond differently.
  • Address stressful situations in your life. Do you hate your job, or is it really high stress? Is there a person that is draining you of your energy? If you’re not happy with your current situation, then change it! Negativity will just constantly drain you.

Read more about being an empath here!

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